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Blood pressure Apparatus Price

Why to Choose Meditech Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors?

If You Need a True Reflection of Your Blood Pressure

Meditech ABPM product-line is comprised of 3 professional ambulatory blood pressure monitors: ABPM-04 the core product, ABPM-05 with a more polished design and improved features, and the Bluetooth-capable BlueBP-05.

Each ambulatory BP monitoring unit is small, lightweight and silent and has independent clinical validations to provide the highest degree of patient safety and comfort.

  1. Your ABPM pays for itself!
  2. Independent clinical validations

    Meditech ambulatory blood pressure monitors operate with a reliable, oscillometric algorithm, clinically validated to the BHS and AAMI accuracy criteria. The devices are recommended by dabl® Educational Trust Ltd. (UK). CE, FDA and free sales certificates are available here.

  3. Improved patient safety

    Unlike many competitor products, Meditech ambulatory blood pressure monitors contain not only an operating valve necessary for pumping pressure, but also an automatic pressure release valve to avoid injuries resulting from high-cuff pressure. This is the proprietary Meditech dual valve system for better patient safety.

  4. Sleep-friendly algorithm

    Quiet operation and low noise result in less disturbance and better sleep during the night.

  5. Free and continuously upgradeable software
  6. Fair price

    Meditech ambulatory blood pressure monitors are not the cheapest devices available on the market, but they are certainly have the best benefit-cost ratio among the market leaders.

  7. Long-life

    As an ABPM is more expensive than a CBPM (conventional blood pressure monitor) buying a reliable and durable device is of critical importance. Meditech ambulatory blood pressure monitors have been developed with this in mind. The average life-span of ABPM-04, ABPM-05 and BlueBP-05 can even be 8 years, provided they are used under the recommended circumstances.

Why ABPM-05 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor is Unique?

  1. Manual Programming

    ABPM-05 ambulatory blood pressure monitor can be programmed without a PC by using the device keys only. In this way 3 measurement plans can be selected.

  2. IP22 Water-Resistance Rating

    Meditech ABPM-05 ambulatory blood pressure monitor has been tested according to the Electrical & Mechanical Safety standard, the relevant particular standard and the Electromagnetic Compatibility standard as well. The monitor has been subjected to the International Protection (IP) test, which describes liquid ingress protection, and received degree '22'.

  3. Kpa Measurement Display

    Blood pressure results can be displayed not only in mmHg (millimeters mercury), but also in Kpa (kilopascals).

  4. OEM Package

    ABPM-05 ambulatory blood pressure monitor is available in OEM strategic partnership!

ABPM-05 vs BlueBP-05 vs ABPM-04

Differences ABPM-05 BlueBP-05 ABPM-04
device house
number of keys 3 (start, event, day/night) 2 (start, event)
conformity certificates CE, FDA CE
manual programming yes no
Kpa display
waterproof yes (IP22)
OEM package

All ambulatory blood pressure monitors measure systolic, diastolic and mean blood pressure and heart rate up to 51 hours and they provide accurate and reliable information on overnight changes and morning surges as well.

Although ambulatory blood pressure measurements are taken automatically according to preset intervals, the patient can initiate extra readings (start key) and mark any event (event key) such as taking antihypertensive medication, dizziness or faintness. In case of ABPM-05 and BlueBP-05 an extra key (day/night) is available, which can be used for quick switching between the active day-time and passive night-time periods.

validations ANSI/AAMI, BHS
measurement method oscillometric
dimensions 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 60
data transfer USB cable Bluetooth USB or serial cable
storage capacity 600 measurements
operating hours up to 51 hours
power consumption 2 AA batteries 4 AA batteries
display LCD

1 x ABPM recorder

1 x pouch

1 x adult cuff

2 x sets of high capacity AA batteries

1 x USB optointerface (ABPM-04; ABPM-05) / Bluetooth dongle (BlueBP-05)

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