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ReliOn Blood pressure cuff Replacement

omron blood pressure cuffCovering Omron blood pressure cuff reviews, different replacement sizes including large and small models.

Home blood pressure monitoring is very useful and important in detecting health problems such as irregular heartbeat and morning high blood pressure also known medically as morning hypertension. Blood pressure cuffs play an irrevocable role in ensuring the attainment of correct, consistent and accurate blood pressure readings whether low or high.

Apart from having the wrong cuff size, one of the leading reasons behind false and inaccurate measurements is not knowing how to take blood pressure and having a poor blood pressure monitor brand. Omron blood pressure monitors are arguably the best monitors in town along side other recognized names such as Lifesource, Relion, Microlife and Samsung blood pressure monitors.

Unlike the finger blood pressure monitor which has since declined in regular use, wrist blood-pressure monitors such as the Wristech blood pressure monitor and upper arm blood pressure monitors still depend on high quality cuffs which usually come in sizes 9"-13" and 13"-17".

omron blood pressure cuffThe Omron blood pressure cuff replacement series comes in sizes small, medium and large. The Omron small replacement cuff is designed for people with arm circumference sizes of 15-22cm. The large cuff is bigger than the medium cuff size and is for individuals with arm circumference 32-42cm.

Omron H-003D Large Adult Replacement Cuff

Rated highly by users, the H-003D model is a large adult Omron cuff sold just as all other Omron replacement cuffs without the blood pressure monitor itself. It fits large arm sizes of 13" to 17" or of cm circumference 33-43cm. It works perfectly well with and can be bought as a blood pressure monitor accessory part for the Omron blood pressure monitor models HEM-432c, HEM-712C, HEM-712CLC, HEM-711AC and models HEM-705CP and BP710.

omron blood pressure cuffThe cuff cannot be used with any other blood pressure monitor even if that other monitor is an Omron model. Using with any other model will produce misleading and inaccurate results. This H-003D replacement cuff has earned some good reviews and ratings from different users. On average it has 4 out of 5 thumps up review stars and costs $30.00 or less from major online suppliers.

The following is a list of positive review highlights submitted by different users;

  • Accommodates individuals with greater than average arm sizes
  • Works well, gives accurate readings
  • High quality, recommended
  • Comfortable. Able to take readings without squeezing too tight
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